Cloud Migration Services

Hatton Point has the extensive experience you need to create a custom cloud / SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, or move your existing on-premise software to the cloud.  As a leader in custom software development across multiple industries, our team possesses the skills to help you fully leverage the web and all that cloud computing has to offer.

Client Example:

Circle Industries

Solutions Built for Scalability

Learn about how Hatton Point helped a pioneer in the automotive industry build a SaaS solution by migrating from Bare Metal Servers to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Creating Custom Cloud Solutions

Building customized cloud-based solutions requires special expertise. Hatton Point has the cloud migration services team you need, bringing a wealth of Microsoft Azure Cloud and Azure SQL database experience, along with our outstanding technical capabilities. We work with you to develop an integrated view of how SaaS / cloud technology enables your company to prosper, and then use that insight to build practical and results-oriented solutions. We are skilled in efficiently developing and implementing scalable, cost-effective software to solve complex business problems.

Web-Enabling Existing On-Premise Software

Taking the on-premise software you have to the cloud may seem daunting, but we are here to help. The Hatton Point development team has the deep Microsoft Azure experience needed to create a custom cloud solution, or move your existing on-premise solution to the cloud. Our software engineering and project management skills span a variety of hardware platforms and software development tools. With this deep expertise and a breadth of experience, you get a quality deliverable, the first time.

Cloud-Migration Services

Once your custom SaaS solution is ready, or your existing software is web-enabled, it can be migrated to the cloud – across any platform, to any device, anywhere. Benefits include:

  • No on-premise hardware to purchase or maintain (lower out-of-pocket expense, no worries of ongoing hardware replacement/obsolescence) 
  • Reliability and exceptional scalability
  • Ongoing upgrades and enhancements to the application (continual refresh of the technology), with no downtime
  • Accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Use only what you need (flexible pricing)
  • Variable costs vs. fixed costs, use “on demand”, add more ‘seats’ as you need them
  • Offers functionality and capability traditionally only available to large enterprises

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