Open Source - Angular Development

We are proud of the Hatton Point open source developers who are part of the narrow pool of software professionals with the talent to take the flexible AngularJS, Bootstrap, Knockout, and PHP/MySQL open source platform technology, apply it to business requirements and create a custom solution from scratch. Instead of hiring an intern or taking on a staff developer, we can provide the angular development team you need!


Client Example:


Enterprise-level Open Source Solutions

Learn about how Hatton Point leveraged open source technologies to create an updated and mobile platform for San Francisco International Airport.

Part of the LAMP stack, the PHP/MySQL open source platform provides flexibility and scalability with efficient and relevant web-based applications. Benefits from the open-source Angular development include:

  • Flexibility to deliver on critical business objectives 
  • Efficient and relevant web-based applications 
  • Scalability to grow at the pace of your business