Software Developer Training

Want to bring experience and expertise to your staff so you can complete a job more efficiently? We can bring hands-on training to your team, teach you best practices and advanced technological skills while getting the project done!

Key Benefits to Custom Software Developer Training:

Hands on training in your environment and on your schedule

Why hands-on training? This format of training reduces learning curves and provides better retention, in addition to forcing critical thinking and allowing time for immediate troubleshooting.

Software developer training in conjunction with help in completing a project

Research indicates that only 61% of developers have received any project management training. With Hatton Point’s project insight we can help your team focus on delivering a specific project while developing their technological skills.  Our tools and processes ensure transparency and accountability throughout the software development life cycle.

Learning advanced technology skills and best practice from experts

Software developers can develop software applications, but better developers are those who master the skills AND understand the business significance of the software application. Hatton Point incorporates these business skills and best practices while teaching technology skills.

Not enough knowledge to get the custom software development job done efficiently? Or just need new life in your software development team? Bring experience and expertise to your staff with Hatton Point mentors and coaches.

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