Agile Software Development


Our discovery process is the first touch point on projects of all sizes. This phase allows our team to dig into the task to understand scope, provide a rough order of magnitude and develop a timeline. We pride ourselves on our ability to align with the product vision and quickly become subject matter experts in your business niche.


Our team works with our clients to create workflow diagrams, black and white wireframes and other visual deliverables. The visuals help the team understand the product vision so we can create more accurate estimates before we begin development.


The design process adds colors, imagery and iconography on top of the wireframes. This is a highly collaborative phase between the product owners and our designer. Aesthetic quality and usability are the first touch points between a user and an application, and they should never be compromised. We have an experienced bench of local designers that work alongside our developers or we can integrate your designer into our process.


Our developers work with the designer to create a pixel perfect prototype to bring the app to life. We leverage our custom software development expertise in partnership with our clients’ industry subject matter experts to build software that memorializes your intellectual property. Sprint cycles are set to deliver working code on a defined schedule. You will always know the latest task progress and budget spend in real time.

Refactor / Test

The agile software development lifecycle includes testing and quality assurance. Before delivering to a live environment, our team works within a QA and user acceptance cycle on a test site to confirm the code is ready to be deployed and fits the vision of the task.

Deploy / Launch

Once we’ve confirmed the release has passed our internal QA and user acceptance, we’ll schedule a release and push it live to the end users. In some cases, we can make it completely seamless with no downtime! The development cycle will start again for the next set of features and improvements.