Software Design Philosophy

At Hatton Point, custom web and software development is what we do best, but design is never an afterthought. We partner with local designers to bring you the best of both worlds; functional AND beautiful software.

We leave design to the designers.

The problem with design done by developers is that the finished product usually looks like, well... design done by developers. The usability and visual appearance are the first impressions between a user and an application, and they should always be a priority. The design provides the initial vision of the software product you want to receive, plus it ensures consistency and efficiency when building the solution.

We have experienced designers to fit your needs…

Hatton Point has an experienced local pool of designers that work with our developers as part of our team to wireframe and design your custom software. A great deal of time is often planned for the design process, and it is always time well-spent. We have UI (User Interface) design, UX (User Experience) design, incremental review and approval cycles throughout our process to ensure the direction of the design is creating the right emotional response and meeting the targeted objective. Our unique blend of wireframe and software application design reviews allows us to bring you a great design to your custom software solution. And throughout the process, our developers will be constantly reviewing to ensure your software architecture design choices can be implemented pragmatically, including a responsive design for optimal viewing and interaction experience.

…or bring your own!

If you have a designer you love working with, we can easily bring them up to speed on our process and work with them as if they were our own.